Intelligent inverter VF66B
The VF66B inverter lets you implement all your ideas, including energy conservation, thanks to its host of applications, customizable functionality, and PC tools that support design and testing.

Customizable functionality for your system (built-in PLC function)
The built-in PLC function of the VF66B has 18 control blocks, 36 dataflow blocks, and 5 ladder blocks—and with customized combinations, can be configured for any type of control system you want. (Program capacity is 16 kB for about 1,024 steps)
Support for a host of applications 
The VF66B inverter, a fusion of our motor drive technologies developed over many years, is a versatile product that delivers induction motor and ED motor drive, and includes five modes in a single unit.


 Application to international standards 
The VF66B inverter comes in models that comply with European Standards and UL Standards. 
They are equipped with STO functionality that conforms with PLd and SIL2 to further increase safety.
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