Inverter for sync control system VF66AD/VF66PD
These are advanced function models equipped with the sync control function and high-precision drawing control function of the continually evolving VF66SV.

 synchronous 制御システム用InverterVF66AD/VF66PD


     VF66AD: Absolute sync control 
We have commercialized absolute sync control and delivered countless commercial rotary press drive systems. Absolute sync performs rotation commands and motor rotation feedback via numeric data. To achieve a resolution of 33,554,432 Digit/r, SHPC-175-Z is used for the rotation command module and an absolute encoder for the motor.
                   External view of module External view of module

     VF66PD: Incremental sync control 
The VF66PD is the successor to the VF64SDS inverter. It applies incremental sync control to the VF64SDS inverter, and we have already delivered countless numbers to our customers. VF66PD’s sync control uses a PG emulator module that generates A, B, Z phases in commands. It uses SHPC-172-Z as a PG emulator module and an incremental encoder for a motor, thereby achieving 76,800 P/r.
                External view of module  External view of module

       Example application to sectional drive system 
This is an example of applying VF66AD to a shaftless rotary press. It achieves a speed control precision of ±0.001% and delivers sectional drive at a precision never before possible. The bottom step represents the speed command for the motor, and the top waveform represents the changes in rotation position error ΔP.

  synchronous 制御の回転位置誤差Rotation position error in sync control



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