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Precise optic

Scanning with high accuracy and fast acquisition of position

Additional incremental signals for speed detection

Solid shaft, blind hollow shaft or through hollow shaft

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      Proven hundreds of thousands of times: Absolute encoders withmagneticor optical sensing,as single-ormultiturn, withall mechanical and electrical interfaces.Absolute encoders wit...
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      HeavyDuty encoder technology for extreme applications Tough where it´s rough – precise in performance In more than 60 years of experience, Baumer has been significantly contribu...
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      Format alignment and positioningFast retrofitting and reliable error avoidance with Multicon and FlexiDrive.Since format alignments are often performed manually, there is plenty o...
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      Incremental encoders for precise speed or acquisition of part location Amazing variety and resolution in all designs. You will always find the suitable incremental encoder for pre...
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      Bearingless encoders - absolute and incrementalDurable and space-saving.Baumer's bearingless encoders offer non-contact operation. Most are magnetic and all of them are virtually ...
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      Precise and compact inclination sensors.Any tilt position safely under control. Angle measurement even in harsh environments.Inclination sensors detect tilt angles at machines and...


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