High-speed, high-response, high-frequency inverter VF66C
An inverter that delivers a torque response frequency of 1,500 Hz by employing high-speed communication and a new electric current control method.

High-speed torque response
Torque command current response waveform
A torque response of 1,500 Hz or more along with high-speed current operation/vector control operation output was achieved by employing a new electric current control method.

     Achieves a maximum output frequency of 1,500 Hz 
(Special specification-compatible product)
S-DSD series motor       Delivers an output frequency of 1,500 Hz as a vector control inverter, and achieves a maximum RPM of 16,000 min-1 when combined with a 6-pole S-DSD series motor.

Adapts to complex control systems
       Enables high-speed, high-response digital sync control by performing high-speed communication with a μGPCdsP loaded with control code designed using MATLAB/Simulink.*



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