Control-separated inverter VF66D  
This control-separated inverter aims for a simplified control system by separating speed/position sensor input and various interfaces from the inverter and concentrating them in a control unit.


Simplified control system
This control-separated inverter concentrates input,such as speed information/sensors, and various interfaces on the PLC end. Control is performed by the PLC and the inverter is specialized for drive. Communication between the devices ties the whole system together.
System configuration diagram
 Separation between control and inverter: 100 m or less 
The power section can be set up near the field, thereby reducing emission noise, and enabling a system of up to 150 units to be configured.

Improved freedom of power section design 
     Isolating control from the power section made possible a wide variety of combinations, including those with a variety of supply voltages and power sections.
Control block diagram





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