DC power supply VF66CH/CH66
We carry two models of direct power supply units (choppers). The VF66CH step-down chopper and the CH66 step up/down chopper are bi-directional non-isolated DC/DC converters for fulfilling the demands of recent years, including power storage and battery charger/dischargers.



     Customizable functionality for your system (built-in PLC function) The built-in PLC function has a relay circuit, 18 control block circuits, and 36 dataflow circuits, allowing you to configure any type of control you want within the inverter. (Program capacity is 16 kB for about 1,024 steps.)

Control block diagramControl block diagram

Network compatible 
    Compatibility with OPCN-1, PROFIBUS DP, RS422/485, and RS232C networks allow you to build a variety of systems via data communication with other equipment, including inverters

Battery simulator 
       Units rated 30 kW or more are equipped with a battery simulator mode, which allows the simulation of charging/discharging an actual device by setting the electrical characteristics of the battery.

Configuration and connections of DC variable power source

Configuration and connections of DC variable power source








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